DJ complexity can be misunderstood with doing a lot at once, but as we all know, DJing is more about bringing a tingling feeling to the party, always ensuring the atmosphere matches with people’s expectations, surprising some with unexpected touches and others with unorthodox choices.

Fiddling with all the features can bring too much complications to your set, especially if you haven’t even practiced wild improvs.

We can only perceive and understand so much sound to the point where we’re entertained, so usually it is best to add touches of complexity that enhance the crowd’s interest, while taking care of the crowd’s ears need for simplicity. There are many tricks to help you grow your DJ arsenal, but feeling and moving with your audience is crucial.a-1-1467868

Visuals have always been a key ingredient for any large party, so try spending a little time to integrate video incentives that will greatly boost your set; linking videos to songs is easily done in pro and can save you countless hours of video tinkering. Vinyl has also been on the rise lately because purist turntable DJs have learned that the link they create between themselves and the crowd is very important. From unique masks to outrageous costumes, this apparels can immerse your crowd even further into the journey. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and can’t even see where the play button is.

Fresh coming DJs don’t always manage to establish a connection with the audience because no one knows about them and people are, more often than not, waiting on the main act.

This is why it’s our job, as DJs, to peak the people’s interest, in order to later be able to control the room. A good way to spark curiosity and wonder is to bring along a friend that can jam along with you, preferably on a live instrument like bass, guitar, keys or trumpet. Any instrument accompanying you will have an awesome contribution to your performance, as long as he or she can join in on any beat you hit them with. Having a mate playing the saxophone over your remixed version of a well known track will blow everyone’s mind and a swarm of new fans will quickly spread the word about your act.jazz-time-1500710-1600x1200

People want to see and hear something unique that only they have the opportunity of witnessing and enjoying; DJ complexity is unique simplicity. Mixing the classic DJ routine might raise spirits for some, but it’s something that can be found at any party.

Preparing an awesome playlist that fits the event, as well as working on your own personal remixes are another touch of DJ complexity that you can add to your performance. To the people, hearing something familiar that really isn’t is easily digested by their ears and also reinforces your DJ set’s uniqueness. You’ll receive tons more credit for even slightly altering a track, rather than playing the original track. Of course, mashing up the original track with something else or adding surprising samples to it will also yield unexpected positive results.

Think about why you would go to see yourself rather than any other DJ that plays a set, then think of what you can bring to the table. Your friends are doing or want to do amazing things; don’t be afraid to ask them if they want to play with you.

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