Faced with the prospect of musically entertaining an audience, no matter how you do it, each venue requires a different set of preparations to take place, ensuring the party unfolds as planned. DJ problems may happen at any time; when we treat each party the same, when we use gear without testing it first, when we ignore having a safety strategy.

Wedding DJs learn this first hand: the night isn’t about the DJ, it’s about creating a great night for the people there.

Maybe you’re not mixing weddings and instead produce your own music and play niche sounds, relying on people to automatically embrace your music. This works for the well established DJ, sure, but what about the rest of us? The barely known, just now emerging DJs who sometimes can’t get away with mixing what they like? This type of DJs usually open for the main act and it’s a good move to leave the upcoming DJ with a tune that he or she can seamlessly carry on from.

Dropping the original Macarena could be the truest form of expression for some, but if you’re the opening act, you may look like you’re trying to perform an acrobatic feat next to a cliff and the crowd is more interested in seeing you screaming on your way down.fall

Back2back DJing is the best way you can train this discipline that fuses the musical preferences of two individuals. Learning to give the other entertainers some breathing room as they follow up on the choices you made, spawns a sense of musical selflessness that keep you focused on the main goal: controlling the synergy of a show to form the entirety of a great experience. Ignoring your ego just for the moment it takes to complement the event, only for the ego to be fed later through the successful outcome of the show as a whole, is a great achievement in itself.

Take time to also learn the intricacies of handling song requests, from successfully integrating them to politely turning down the outright desperate. Treating each situation the same is like having the impression that all DJ gear comes with native support for any DJ app, straight out of the box. Be rigourous when doing your research, whether it’s people or gear related.

If you’re touring, chances are there will be people that ensure the venue’s and the DJ’s safety. However, when no one takes a second to fill you in on how you should act and what you should say or do when faced with an accident, talk to the event organizer. Check your equipment beforehand as well. Sleeplessness is one of the big DJ problems that is implied with touring to different parties. We’re certain each DJ is accustomed to staying awake late in the night, but don’t overstretch your body’s limits and try to get plenty of sleep, unless you’re John Murdoch…

DJ problems can take many more shapes, like pirate sites that steal your produced tracks and recorded sessions, but not taking a moment to oversee some of the above-mentioned steps may result in more damage than just a scarred confidence.

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