We are happy to announce future.dj pro 2.1.13 version. We have a few small but important improvements in this release including the ability to add post-fader DJ effects.

Post-Fader Effects

While we always had pre-fader effects, in this new version you can choose between post-fader DJ effects (the new default) or pre-fader effects. Post-fader effects are the DJ effects that are applied after the signal passes the Volume faders and  the Cross-fader. This is very useful and nice sounding for effects such as Echo or Reverb.

As an example you can apply Echo and then set the Volume to zero or move the cross-fader to the other side (the other deck) and hear the results.

It is also important to note that if post-fader effects are enabled you can only hear the effects in the Master (speakers) output since the Monitor (headphones) output is PFL (pre-fader listening) so before the effects are applied. EQ and Gain are always processed pre-fader.

Soft Take-Over

We have also added soft take-over for knobs and faders for controllers so that when the controller’s fader/knob is out-of-sync with the software’s fader/knob a ghost-cursor (a transparent extra cursor) will appear in the user-interface to let you know about this.

This may happen if you use both the UI (graphical interface) and the controller at the same time or if you’re using multiple controllers that control the same knob(s) / fader(s).

The new soft take-over feature assures you that no sudden changes in audio will happen if you move the out-of-sync knob/fader on your controller(s). You will then need to move the fader or knob on the controller itself until it matches/reaches the actual position on the UI. This is one of those things that are harder to explain than to use. Just give it a try and see for yourself, it’s pretty intuitive.


  • new setting: “Apply effects post-fader (instead of pre-fader)”
  • soft take-over for controller knobs/sliders with visual feedback – transparent/ghost cursor
  • high-resolution 14-bit MIDI support (doesn’t apply to older controllers)
  • multiple fixes for Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT
  • optimisation improvements and bug-fixes

See all the changes (including some more technical ones).

As always, this new version is a FREE upgrade for all our users. Enjoy and let us know any feedback (good or bad).

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