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Xylio was founded in 2003 by Ionut V (still our main developer) with a desire to offer innovative DJ software – back then our software was called FutureDecks. We have since released countless versions of FutureDecks DJ and pro, released iPhone, iPad and Android apps and completed numerous software (and hardware) projects for our big DJ industry customers.

We want to expand both our team and our business by having even more engaging products and reach a broader audience. We’re a small but dedicated team based in Bucharest, Romania (EU). We’re running mostly remotely so you can join us from all over the world. We think of ourselves as flexible, friendly and always open to new ideas.

We’re looking for new team members who are really passionate about DJ-ing, karaoke or just music in general. If you think you have the skills and expertise to take us to the next level please join us today! (email us at


Available jobs

Digital Marketing Specialist

Part-time or full-time, Location: Remote and/or Bucharest,RO

Job Description and Responsibilities: Create and fine-tune marketing plans and strategies, run effective marketing campaigns on multiple channels (social media, blogs/vlogs, newsletters, google ads, etc), day-to-day marketing such as: results measuring/analytics, press releases, generate leads for our sales funnel, etc.

Qualifications: Fluent in English. Online marketing experience of at least 3 years, solid digital marketing knowledge. You need to really understand the DJ and/or Karaoke industries, know our competition. Big bonus being a DJ yourself, you really need to understand the product to market it effectively. Content creation is a big plus.

Other Positions

If you feel you have something extra to contribute to our team and products but can’t see the job position listed here please contact us. Your skillset and expertise may be important to us!

Marketing Content Creator

Part-time or full-time, Location: Remote and/or Bucharest,RO

Job Description and Responsibilities: Create content for marketing such as video showcases and tutorials, promo images, etc. For this you will need to be a DJ, a very good one! Among other things you will create videos using our pro software so you will need to really know the software and also be fluent in English, preferably a native speaker. The content produced should look professional and match our general design language and concept.

Qualifications: Fluent in English. Great DJ skills. Good knowledge of video and image editors is required. Copyright/text creation is a big plus – to be able to script your own videos and create other marketing messaging.

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If you found a position you are interested in you can contact us by  email directly at

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