Karaoke nights used to be synonymous with old greasy printed catalogs / songbooks. You would find a song that hopefully was still available and then you wrote it down along with your name. You would then take this piece of paper and gave it to the KJ / DJ host. The KJ host would then hopefully remember to add you to the karaoke rotation queue and then ask you to come on the stage to sing when needed.

Karaoke Singers Requests (KSR) to the rescue

This is a modern way for your patrons or singers to browse your up-to-date songs catalog / songbook directly on their mobile phone and then make the requests. Key (pitch) adjustments are also possible if need be. Also, it’s FREE for all future.dj pro users !

You can watch the video above to get a basic overview on how it works. But, if you like text instead, just keep reading! The good news is that the singers don’t need to install any new app on their phones. Lots of people hate installing new apps for every little thing they might only use once in a while.

How to get started

If you are the karaoke host (KJ / DJ):

  • Enable the service from Preferences/Settings -> 3rd Party Services tab and create an account. Or login if you already have an account. It’s a completely free service for our future.dj pro customers such as yourself and your singers / patrons.
  • Next you need to have some karaoke songs (CDG+MP3 or CDG zips, MP4, etc) and you need to add these to the special Karaoke Catalog list. You can also use the tracks from Party Tyme Karaoke which is a great service that has over 20,000 karaoke songs that are licensed for public performance. Party Tyme Karaoke are automatically added to your songbook / catalog.
  • Now you upload your karaoke catalog / songbook and you get an unique venue ID – it’s a number (eg. 1001) that you give your singers. You can place it on the venue announcement or you can simply display it on the screen (using the graphics overlays functionality in future.dj pro – see the video). That’s about all you need to do on your part.

If you are a singer:

  • Open your mobile phone (or tablet) browser and go to this address: ksr.xylio.com and create an account or login. Browse the karaoke catalog / songbook – the one the KJ uploaded (use the venue ID number to access it). Make a song request!
  • The KJ will see your request directly in future.dj pro’s Karaoke Singers List – which is an automated rotation list. The KJ accepts or denies the request. Once approved you can add more songs to your name and can see who’s in front or behind in the queue.

Give it a try!

That’s about all there is to it. In practice it’s actually a lot simpler than it sounds. Also, you as a KJ, you don’t need to repeat any of these steps – you just do them once. That is unless you need to update and then re-upload your catalog (the changes are live for the singers / patrons – aka your customers). Your venue ID number will never change.

We hope you like this new addition to future.dj pro 1.10 and please send us any feedback you have. Enjoy!

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