In the latest 2.2 version of pro we have added full support for the RANE Four DJ hardware controller. This is a really great full-size professional controller with all the features you would ever need.

It has 11 (yes, eleven) screens and we support ALL of them in pro, including the 2 LCDs inside the jog-wheels that also show the song waveform. When using markers, you can set a custom color and name (text) of each cue point or loop and you can see these colours and text directly on the controller itself which is pretty nice.

This controller has an internal mixer including a hardware effects unit (external FX) that has some really nice-sounding effects. It still supports software effects though (if you want to use pro’s internal effects too).

The controller is full-size and built like a tank with mostly metal parts. The PADs are also very high quality and it’s a real pleasure to use them. The PADs are: Hot-Cues (Markers), Slicer, Slicer loop, Stems, Loop Rolls, Sampler, etc.

A nice thing is that is has dedicated STEMS (AIUnmixEQ) controls so you can easily (at the press of a button) make acapella or instrumental versions of the songs you load.

Add to all the above the fact that it is a 4-channels controller and it’s pretty much all you’re ever gonna need for the foreseeable future. While a bit pricey, we highly recommend this new controller from RANE.

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