If you purchased a product from us (eg. you are entitled to free customer support


Before contacting us, make sure you also checked:

Frequently Asked Questions

Look for common questions and their answers – the F.A.Q. section


See solutions for common problems – the WIKI

User's Manual

Download and read the User’s Manuals for additional information on how to use our products (look at the Technical Specs on the product page)
If you still did not find a solution, send us a support request (use the form on your right). Our support team will reply to your inquires in maximum 48 hours (excluding weekends). We usually try to respond as soon as possible in the same day though.

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Please make sure to give us plenty details so we can reproduce the problem on our systems. Specify your product name and version (eg. 1.2), a detailed description of your system (eg. MacBook Pro 2018, 8GB RAM, macOS 10.15.1) and any other details we should know about.

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