DJ Exposure – The Untold Secret of The DJ World

The biggest and best kept secrets are usually out in the open working so seamlessly that most people deny their existence and only a couple few that truly see the big, yet simple picture. In very much the same way, DJ exposure is something that even the newest DJs...

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DJ Teachers Are The Yoda of MIDI

Map well your MIDI you wish, hrm?! (image) Stop worrying about having bought the wrong piece of DJ gear. You just need to become a DJ teacher and turn your equipment into an obedient padawan that is coming forth with solutions each time you, the mentor, need them. I'm...

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Organic Sound Is a DJ’s Guarded Treasure

Thinking of the countless parties we've all been to, it soon comes to mind that the opportunity opened up by unique complexity in a DJ's arsenal is becoming more and more spread throughout the DJs willing to separate themselves from the crowd. Speaking of crowds,...

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Santa’s Hot DJ Rally

The Christmas season is just around the corner and everyone is getting ready to get the party started. Santa is setting off the scene for this year's DJ Rally with 20% off the feature packed pro. Santa starts his big world tour thinking of all the boy and...

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