We can certainly say that 2020 was a strange year. Lockdown year we might call it. Pretty much all DJs and KJs have had problems getting gigs to perform to and earning revenue for themselves and the family. 2020 year in review is basically an overview of what we and our fellow DJs did in 2020.

Some of the more inventive DJs adapted to this new reality and embraced streaming / performing for radios or made collaborations with different companies to mix live for their online parties. Others simply took the free time to up their skill levels and maybe entertain the family and friends while at it. Trying to actually DO something is always preferred to doing nothing. Just let us know in the comments how you’ve spent 2020 as DJ/KJ.

At Xylio, 2020 was spent greatly improving future.dj pro. We’ve added support for external controller screens, added support for a bunch of new DJ controllers from Numark, Reloop, Hercules. Harmonic mixing (mixing-in-key) was also much improved and we plan to add lots of new karaoke features in 2021. With the 1.8.x series of releases we greatly improved some under-the-hood areas that we further hope to improve and build upon in 2021.

We’re looking forward to what 2021 brings and we hope you do too.

Happy New Year 2021!

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