Custom Development Services

XYLIO is an EU-based software company specialized in software development – audio, video, DJ/KJ/VJ apps – involving advanced interactive graphics, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and real-time programming on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

We have extensive experience in the DJ and audio/video field, but we are also developing other multimedia products, including highly interactive kiosk systems and video products. We also make general purpose software like hardware device drivers and firmware for various hardware / IoT products. You can check this website for some of our publicly available products.

OEM Service / LE versions

We have already developed on-demand software/apps for major international companies in the DJ/audio/video/karaoke fields and can provide a full OEM service customized to your needs. We integrate/connect some of our DJ software products with external hardware, so if you want a pro DJ app bundled with your MIDI controller we have an LE version ready for your needs.

We can deliver to you algorithms, source code, modules (partial products), or complete solutions (OEM service). Our prices vary greatly based on the project type, complexity and license type, so if you are interested in a cooperation feel free to contact us for more details.


We develop all our products on high-tech hardware and software equipments. The main programming languages that we use are C++, Assembler, SQL, PHP, JS, Python. On request others are also possible. We support macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android development on x86_64, arm64, powerpc based systems. We also support custom development on standard or custom one-board-computer systems (eg. Raspberry Pi).

By using only proven software architecture and flexible designs, we maintain a high level of quality and post-service of our software products, and we strive to give the best support to our customers. All software components are designed to be secure, reusable and scalable.

Some of the technologies that we use/include: CoreML/ONNX/TensorFlow machine learning, Direct3D/Metal/OpenGL graphics engines, DSP (Digital Signal Processing), SIMD (SSE/AVX/NEON), SQL databases, ASIO, VST, AudioUnits, etc.

Contact us if you need more info.

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