Our bread and butter of mixing in clubs or various parties has been more or less compromised. This doesn’t mean, however, that we are left with no other options to further our musical endeavours.

There are many platforms, from YouTube to Facebook, that give you the option to create Live streams of your mixing, production or maybe even your Yoga sessions in your favourite sweatpants… so, you may just have the chance of not only creating a following with what you do, but also to make money doing this.

YouTube live streams allow a creator (you) to enable donations during your live session. This of course translates to money you can legally make. Of course, you must remember that the donations can only be as high or as many as the level of skill or the originality of the performance you are putting out there… unless this lasts for so long that everyone gets high to ignore the boredom.

Chances are that with careful planning of your DJ set or of the tools used in your music production, you will be able to create a ripple of exposure in a time when a DJ’s profession can be considered obsolete. Future.dj pro can help you, especially since we currently run a 50% promotion.

Be safe and mix at home!

P.S. a pretty cool how-to guide from DJTT on how to livestream

Image by Ashutosh Sonwani from Pexels

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