Hot off the press we’ve just released a new pro version (2.1.11). This is mainly a controllers-related release. Among the controller updates we have rewritten the controllers discovery/detection functionality for much faster loading, added the possibility to connect multiple identical controllers and added an older Hercules controller. KSR (karaoke singers request) also returns better search results.

A long time in the making, we have finally added support for multiple identical controllers (eg. single deck controllers such as the Reloop RMP-4) which are automatically assigned to different decks. You get to see in Preferences (Options) > Control tab which controllers are assigned to which decks.

While we’re usually up-to-date with all Hercules controller releases, we have missed support for the DJControl GLOW. So, in this version we have added support for it (the mapping/script itself was made with the help of one of our users).

Here are all the changes:

  • added new controller: Hercules DJ Control GLOW
  • KSR (karaoke singers request): improved searching results
  • automatically assign controllers to different decks (needed especially for single-deck controllers)
  • you can view in Options -> Control which decks are assigned to which controllers
  • performance optimisations

As usual, this is a free release for all our users. Enjoy and hope you’ll like the controller updates!

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