We’ve just released a new version of our flagship DJ mixing software for Mac and Windows: future.dj pro 2.1.10. This is mainly a maintenance release but we recommend anyone to update to it.


  • Controller mappings improvements: Pioneer DDJ-1000, Pioneer DDJ-1000 SRT, Numark DJ2GO2 Touch, Numark MixTrack Platinum FX
  • Karaoke: no longer keeping song/singer duplicates in History (eg. you can type s:Singer Name in the search field to find all songs by a singer)
  • Karaoke: fixed KSR bug: cannot favorite the first track in the catalog/search results
  • Beatport / Beatsource guest mode improvements
  • Controller scripts/mappings: setAudioDevice() function now also (optionally) has audio routing settings

How to Update

As usual, this is a FREE future.dj pro upgrade for all our users (on the free or on the premium subscription). All Mac users are already up-to-date (thanks to Mac App Store automatically updating to the latest version). If you’re on Windows you need to download and install the latest version – no need to uninstall the previous version.

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