A new way to mix using stems separation

We have big updates for you today with the new major 2.0 release of future.dj pro. This introduces AIUnmixEQ™ and also big changes to the way we license our best DJ software we make – more on this later in this post.

Our brand new feature is called AIUnmixEQ™. As the name implies we are using machine learning (a flavor of AI) to add Real-Time Un-mixing / Stems Separation (Music Source Separation) to our DJ mixing software. Use the Equalizer knobs or kill pads to smoothly separate songs into 3 stems:

  • Vocals (high eq knob)
  • Instruments (mid eq knob)
  • Drums (low eq knob)

Our new AIUnmixEQ™ feature brings up new opportunities for DJs and KJs:

  • live mashups and seamless advanced remixing
  • on-the-fly acapella or instrumental
  • instant karaoke tracks from regular tracks (with or without guided vocals)

AIUnmixEQ™ is initially available on macOS 13.x, 12.x, 11.x, 10.15.x on Macs with 8 GB RAM or more. For performance reasons it is recommended that you use a newer Apple Silicon M1/M2-based Mac but older Intel-based Macs work too (just a bit slower).

Some other important additions and changes we’ve made:

  • audio engine is now fully 32-bit audio (for comparison, streaming services and CD quality tracks are usually only 16-bit)
  • we have added support for industry-standard STEM files (files with a “.stem.mp4” extension that contain pre-separated stems: drums, bass, sounds/melody, voice/lead)
  • improved mapping for several Numark and Denon DJ controllers
  • multiple performance optimisations and stability improvements

Download the new future.dj pro 2.0 version for free

Changing from paid app to free + optional subscription

Starting with version 2.0 our app is now Mac App Store exclusive and it’s completely free for all the basic features and with an optional yearly subscription for the Pro features. These include:

  • AIUnmixEQ™ for stems separation into Vocals, Instruments, Drums
  • full-screen video on external monitors, TVs, projectors
  • support for over 120 hardware DJ controllers
  • time-coded vinyls (DVS)
  • audio recording and broadcasting
  • microphone input
  • headphones cueing / preview
  • commercial use (make money using future.dj pro)

There are no time-limits or other limitations to the free version.

No one is left behind

All of our existing 1.x version customers from the Mac App Store (MAS) get all of these for free starting today. We will soon also transition (for free) all our current 1.x Mac customers to the Mac App Store version along with all the features unlocked for them.

Unfortunately, for now, our Windows users will need to continue to use the 1.x version but we are working on version 2 for Windows as well (free upgrade too). Stay tuned!

Why we did this change

We want to provide the best DJ software and the best DJ experience we can to all our customers and unfortunately we cannot do that with the “purchase-once for a big sum” type of business model. This prevents us to have a predictive revenue for our developers and a clear roadmap for the next big features. It also prevents new customers to access our product since it’s very expensive up-front.

New customers can now use the free version for as long as they want and when they’re ready they can pay a much smaller upfront fee to “get in”. This also pushes us to deliver a better product long-term as the users can simply jump ship if our service is anything but top-notch.

Version 2.0 is the culmination of almost a year’s worth of work and we hope you will enjoy it. Real-time stems separation (Vocals + Instruments + Drums) really is a new way to mix, give it a try!

Please leave us any (good or bad) feedback you may have.

AIUnmixEQ™ is a trademark of Xylio

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