We’ve just released version 1.10.3 of future.dj pro that brings new broadcasting and recording options and some bug fixes.

More specifically, we have added support for Shoutcast broadcasting (MP3 format) and Icecast 2 (MP3 format, we already supported OGG/Vorbis). This will allow you to broadcast to many more (free and paid) servers out there.

You can now also record your audio mix to MP3, AAC or FLAC format in addition to the WAV and AIFF that we already supported.

As usual, this is a free update to all our existing customers. To update download and install the latest demo version from our website on top of your existing (older) version. If you already bought it it should come up as the full-fledged version. If you bought it from the Mac App Store the update should be available in a couple of days (once approved by Apple).

Not a customer? Buy a lifetime future.dj pro license now! Using these new broadcasting and recording options you can now reach a broader audience. Enjoy!

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