Today we’re releasing pro 2.1.6 which is mainly a maintenance release version. As a Mac user you can now access all the disk folders (or other USB drives). You do so by enabling the Full Disk Access from Preferences > General tab > Enable Full Disk Access button.

This is especially useful since on Mac the application is sandboxed because of security reasons (imposed by Apple themselves for all the App Store apps). Enabling the Full Disk Access is completely optional and should only use it if you absolutely need it – eg. you constantly use different USB drives.


  • More accurate sync and snap-to-beat loops (especially when you set the beat-grid correctly)
  • Setting a cue point (only while playing) will now snap it to the closest beat
  • Karaoke singer rotation: after the singer rotation is performed (the current singer is moved at the end of the list after 20 seconds of playback) we always move the cursor back on the first item in the list (next singer)
  • (Mac only) Option to enable Full Disk Access to have access to all the user folders on all disks (Preferences > General tab > Enable Full Disk Access)
  • You get a notification when a bad/corrupted file is loaded (UI message: “errors while decoding track”)
  • Multiple bug fixes and crash fixes

If you’re into hosting karaoke don’t forget to test Party Tyme Karaoke. This is a commercially-licensed professional karaoke streaming service available right inside pro.

To upgrade for FREE you just download the latest trial version and install it over the existing one. On the Mac it’s even simpler – the update will be automatically installed for you.


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