Future.dj pro 1.10 is here and we have two very important brand new additions – full integration of the Party Tyme Karaoke subscription service and the Karaoke Singers Request (KSR) service.

Party Tyme Karaoke* – what is it and how to use it

It’s an in-app karaoke subscription – you can stream or download songs for offline use. It offers high-quality karaoke content – HD karaoke videos. There are currently over 20,000 thousands songs and new tracks are added weekly.

How to use it: in the future.dj pro library/browser you can see the new ‘Party Tyme Karaoke’ section – you can right click there to create an account or to log-in. Click to expand it and see the actual karaoke songs in the catalog. The songs have a cloud icon near to them – this means they are not yet downloaded (eg. for offline use). Drag & drop to load a track or you can search for various tracks. You can download some of the tracks or even the entire catalog. So, you can be at a venue without Internet (or very slow Internet) and you can be sure the tracks are already there.

How much is it? It costs $49 / month which might seem like a lot but this is a commercial license (legal for public performance – unlike other services), meaning you can play these legally in bars and karaoke venues and make money doing it. There is also a 7-days free-trial if you want to try this live. Be sure to check out this brand new feature!

We have a special page with a lot more details about Party Tyme Karaoke.

*yes, with an y.

Karaoke Singers Request (KSR)

This is a pretty big one too – it’s a way to ditch physical songbooks / catalogs for karaoke hosts and guests/patrons. We’ll talk more about it in the next blog post (so stay tuned!).

future.dj pro 1.10 new features and changes:

  • Party Tyme Karaoke subscription service integration
  • Karaoke Singers Request service integration
  • new “3rd Party Services” tab in Preferences/Settings – this is where all the integrations are (streaming services, stores, etc)
  • added setting: “Always start a new track when filler music player resumes”
  • new setting: “Show singers without songs” (you can customize the default “Pick a song!” text); this will show in the karaoke ticker / next singers list;
  • automatically moving the crossfader to the left for 1-deck / karaoke-only skins
  • other improvements and bug fixes

As usual this is a FREE upgrade for all of our customers. Just download the latest version to update and install over your existing installation. Hope you’ll like it, enjoy!

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