Hey guys, in the latest future.dj pro release (2.1.8) we are bringing support for the Beatport and Beatsource streaming services. They have literally millions of tracks that you can now access directly from future.dj pro’s browser section. Here’s a short demo (video).

There are 4 tiers available for Beatport:

  • Free / guest – lower quality previews
  • Essential – not suited for use in future.dj pro
  • Advanced – high quality full tracks (128 kbps AAC / 256 kbps MP3)
  • Professional – 1000 tracks offline storage and highest quality (256 kbps AAC / 384 kbps MP3)

For Beatsource we only have 3 tiers available:

  • Free / guest – lower quality previews
  • Beatsource – high quality full tracks (128 kbps AAC / 256 kbps MP3)
  • Beatsource Pro+ – 1000 tracks offline storage and highest quality (256 kbps AAC / 384 kbps MP3), Remixes and DJ Edits

The Offline Storage is unique to Beatport and Beatsource – no other streaming services provide this which is very important for DJs when playing at bigger live venues where Internet might not be available or very slow / choppy.

Both services provide Search capabilities to filter through the extensive catalog provided (eg. over 7 million tracks for Beatsource), My Playlists, Offline Storage. We also have access to curated content such as Playlists and Tops by genres – these are great to get inspiration on what to play and what’s currently trending.

Which one should you get?

Beatport is contains more DJ related music focusing on the just released electronic tracks while Beatsource is more suited for open-format DJ-ing on more popular songs and genres of music. I guess you need to give them both a try (eg. using the free tiers) and see which one suits you better or why not, just get them both.

If you just use one of them you can disable the not used one from the Preferences / Config window.

We hope you like the new addition to future.dj pro, please go ahead and test Beatport and Beatsource. As usual, this is a free upgrade for all our future.dj pro users.

Enjoy, see you next time!

P.S. if you want the same thing but for karaoke, don’t forget we already have Party Tyme Karaoke

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