Version 1.9 is ready for you to download and test now. We’ve added a karaoke ticker (text scroller) – this can be used with the Karaoke Singers List but also as stand-alone (eg. with a custom message). Also for karaoke we have added the ability to easily see the Performing Now status in the singers list.

If you like to mix your tracks a bit hotter (maybe you dial your EQ or Gain a bit higher than usual) we have added an Audio Limiter. This will greatly help getting rid of any audio distortions for higher (peak) audio levels. A good/simple test is to enable it and then load a track and set the gain to max. Then go to the settings/preferences and toggle it on/off to see the effect it has.


  • karaoke singers ticker/scroller (scrolled list of singers + custom message) with text color setting
    – you can also add a custom message at the end (eg. wear your mask, special beer offer, etc)
    eg. Now Appearing: John (Songname1), Upcoming: Jane (Songname2), Joe (Songname3) ** Custom message **
  • added ‘Performing Now’ status in the Karaoke Singer List
  • added Audio Limiter (limits distortions for peak audio levels)
  • new setting in Audio Routing: Enable Limiter (disabled by default)
  • multiple bug fixes and optimisations

As always this is a FREE update for all you guys. Simply download and install the latest demo version from our website on top of your existing (older) pro version. If you already bought it it should come up as the full-fledged version. If you bought it from the Mac App Store the update should be available early next week automatically (once approved by Apple).


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