Summer is already here so instead of a spring cleanup we have a summer one instead. DJ maintenance is important too 🙂

This new 1.9.1 version is mainly a maintenance release. We have fixed some important crashes and also made under-the-hood improvements. We recommend you update to this new version especially if you had any crashes with the recent releases. However, on Windows we have temporarily disabled the MsPinky support so you might want to skip this release if you need timecoded vinyls support.

This is a free update for all existing users. Simply download and install the latest demo version from our website on top of your existing (older) version. If you already bought it it should come up as the full-fledged version. If you bought it from the Mac App Store the update should be available in a couple of days (once approved by Apple).

P.S. DJ maintenance it not only about the DJ tools but also about the DJ too – but we’ll keep this for another blog post

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