The gig just came to an end, the crowd loved it and you got your pay in smiles and cash. DJs usually need free time on their hands in order to progress their DJ career with bigger, better and more parties. For professional DJs the next party isn’t far away and the best course to take may not be the most obvious, so let’s delve together in this discussion.

Practice imagining yourself mixing at the party, thinking of at least the general sound outline that you want to give your set.

As with any profession, keeping up-to-date with the latest news, tricks and tracks of the DJ industry will keep you focused on creating the most compelling and entertaining musical journey for your audience. Couple this with a constant practice of all the things you’ve learned as a DJ and all of the things you’re steadily making your own and your DJ free time will prove to be an indispensable ally.

What do you tend to practice DJing on in your free time? Digital DJing on Mac/Windows, pure vinyl, timecode vinyl, CDJs or perhaps the small and flexible iOS/Android mobile DJ apps?

Most DJs usually practice their skills on the gear they use on a regular basis at parties, but the reason we’re interested in what you have to say is that some of you are constantly traveling and may not have the time or space to carry all of the needed equipment. Therefore, other paths manifest themselves…

…no flight attendant would bother you if you’re practicing your cueing skills on your tablet.

Sure, mobile DJ apps don’t provide very advanced features, but their main functionalities are more than enough to keep you on top of your game. The important thing to do with your DJ free time would be to get as much practice on the party gear, mixing audio, video and generally getting a better sense of the more advanced functionalities¬† and when you’re on the go or you just want to be as sharp as can be with your basic DJ skills, use an iPad or any other tablet.

What devices would suit your DJ practice and why would you choose them over others? Comment below and place your custom wish on what would be the perfect DJ practice solution.

Track selection, cueing, looping, fx and even hitting the play button are aspects that may seem simple enough to require too much practicing. Paying attention to the more advanced DJ techniques you’re performing, rather than getting blocked in the basics is like having your car’s engine upgraded constantly and this is why you will need to set aside a dedicated space to practice DJing, keeping distractions to a minimum and DJ sets flowing.

On the move and soon to mix? Use mobile DJ apps, like to take your DJ training wherever! Home and the neighbours out of town? Get your DJ app and gear and keep practicing in your DJ free time!

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