Skynet hasn’t come online yet, but artificial intelligence is quickly catching up to the storyline. A sentient DJ app and robot DJs can seem far-fetched, but living in a society where robots are being used increasingly more often for human tasks proves that we are steadily heading towards this scenario.

Just as robots are preferred in factories because of their increased efficiency, robot DJs would not only look cool in a club, but also be fault-free.

Don’t worry though, because even if this happens, robot DJs wouldn’t be able to do the one thing that DJs of flesh and blood can achieve: reading what the crowd is feeling. This will always set us apart from machines and will keep DJs working for generations to come. However, while people wouldn’t trade a human DJ for any robot, DJs have already embraced the DJ app for the countless virtual robots that are working hard, behind the scenes, to offer as many tools with as little effort as possible.

When the hipster android emerges, we’ll all be out of work.

The closest and recommended experience to feel you’re a cyborg DJ is to use’s AutoMix. Think of it as your personal DJ henchman. You can tell it to mix certain tracks because you can create separate playlists. You can drag tracks to a dedicated AutoMix list. You can set how and from where mixed songs should start. Tell it what cue-point you want it to start with and how long you’d want the transition to take.

Our DJ app won’t turn against you, as long as it knows what you want.

Make it link videos to your songs automatically. Don’t want it to beat-match or seamlessly reset the pitch after it has mixed the tracks? Easily done with two short clicks. Set the order you want it to play or mix songs in and it will move your business to the best sounding solution without having to worry about the musical choice of a newly appointed DJ or worse still, them robot DJs y’all. pro can truly become a self-aware DJ companion.


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