DJing is improvisation as much as anything is and you don’t need to be a musician to be a good DJ, but you can add value to your DJ set by taking advantage of your entire DJ arsenal. We’ve packed pro with the latest weapons a DJ could ever need.

Having a MIDI, HID controller or timecode vinyl will give you the edge and fun in your control over your mix.

Using loops, cues and EQs has always been any DJ’s bread and butter, but you can quickly take a step forward in growing the DJ arsenal that will aid your set’s awesomeness. For example, loops can be instantly turned into samples in the latest pro. providing a limitless source for audio (and soon, video) sampling.

Never worry about lacking the proper equipment. Mix as often as you can to feel what gear is worth having in your performance.

Get a projector and use pro to link videos to your songs. This essential feature brings VJing to your set’s arsenal in an inexpensive and fun way of reaching out to your public. Video FX and transitions, as well as separate audio-video crossfaders and advanced audio FX guarantee your ability to have absolute control over what video you want linked to a specific song and how you decide to chop it up and remix it.

Getting lights, lasers and smoke machine depends on how far you want your DJing to take you. Knowing how to handle requests and better yet, how to create a custom musical story tailored to the public’s wishes is more important than what DJ gear you have.

Interact with your public in order to interpret what the audience wants, in order to adapt properly. Learn how to bring the people on your side  by addressing each public category. There is no fixed recipe for what to play, so feel free to experiment but not until you’ve taken the pulse of the crowd. Dance alongside the people. After all, DJ motion is emotion and do not hesitate to turn the party into a karaoke if that’s what the situation calls for.

I’ve been delightfully discovering how much of a gamechanger harmonic mixing can be for any DJ because this way each set is sure to sound synced by musical key. Couple that with a timesaving harmonic playlists search and no DJ will have to worry about running out of musical mojo.

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