Each individual is expecting a great musical ride and the DJ expects the public to have the stamina to dance all night, which is a rarity nowadays. Thus, all DJs need to weigh their options when it comes to structuring their set so that the DJ public happily uses up all that energy.

Taking advantage of the fact that the party is dancing frantically to your tunes is great, but don’t get carried away with keeping everybody pumped up the entire time. Misleading as it may appear, we all have different fatigue thresholds, as well as an entire ocean of different moods and overwhelming your public with party hard music is just like a set without transitions; it just isn’t a mix for the DJ, nor a pleasurable journey for the crowd.

People need to rest, get a drink and take a breather after intense dancing.

Wedding DJs strictly follow this trick. After all, they are paid to suit the occasion, not mindlessly play a tech festival set. People at a wedding come from all walks of life. The elderly can’t be bothered too much with hype music, unless it’s that overly energetic uncle all weddings seem to have. There are so many variables in building and quickly adapting your set for a wedding; music for the reception, for eating, for the first dance, for women, for men, for both, for the entrance of cake, for throwing the bouquet, etc.. This may not look like much to worry about, but even DJs that mix for underground parties see the benefits of this tip.

Even if we’re talking about massive raves and your DJ public is a group of dancing athletes endlessly ravaging the dancefloor, loyal crowds are hard to maintain. Other people just got at the party and may not be feeling the vibe yet. Think of them too.

Insisting with wave after wave of the same rhythm may tire out or completely bore the DJ’s public. A great DJ set must be as a well-thought out story… and like any story it needs to have a beginning, an intrigue, followed by musical twists and turns leading people to a climax of sound which brings crowds to the resolution that they want a new story… use future.dj pro‘s powerful features to create your sonic tale. Just make sure you ease the crowd in and not randomly force their musical tastes.

Playing Sepultura after “Don’t worry, be happy” may come as a shock for most.

Instead, try linking a continuous stream of stories, as this will guarantee that everyone has the chance to join the beginning of a new party story even if they run out of breath.

Perhaps your experience with your DJ public is different and usually requires another tactic? Tell us in the comments how you see a successful DJ routine and how you treat your crowd.

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