The best way to avoid getting stuck in a lack of inspiration is to let go of the unconscious musical influences that are actively guiding the creative flow of most producers towards a certain genre or song.

Try following up on your favorite genre while keeping an original state of mind when it comes to creating your own songs.

This sounds easier said than done, considering that we are unconsciously being inspired by other audio sources in almost every moment. This isn’t a bad thing though. Most of the greatest hits from the early 70s up till now have been made and will be made by recycling musical ideas and putting them into entirely new contexts. After all, sampling has been around for more than 50 years.

People don’t mind listening and dancing to songs that remind them of popular tunes while, at the same time, being completely different.

Moreover, making the first steps towards being recognized can be easily achieved by bringing your very own touches to some well-known tracks. Mixing your edit of Michael Jackson’s “Beat it” at any party will turn out more attention than playing the original.

If being unique is what you desire, put your musical influences out of your mind. Only then will you have the chance of creating something from your essence.

This means that you will have to harness your inspiration from nothing. Few people realize how powerful nothing is. However, the power and freedom of creating something completely new from nothing can be more annoying and demanding than someone conditioning you to create a song starting from a certain sample. Having a guideline can be more beneficial for some DJ’s creative flow, while others don’t see starting fresh as a daunting challenge.

In the end, it’s all about choosing whether you want to follow a trend or start something that hasn’t been done before.

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