Each DJ set comes with its own requirements of what needs to be done in order to wow the crowd. We understood this perfectly from all of you. Some nights could prove to be more demanding than others and if you find yourself lacking a piece of DJ gear, being able to change your setup instantly is essential. When faced with a spontaneous thought that needs you to add or remove a turntable, DJ controller, audio interface, FX module or any other device, it’s wise to have a software that lets you do this without cutting the sound.

future.dj pro lets you swap up to 8 controllers at once during your DJ set.

Having to restart your DJ app just to connect, disconnect and reconnect any device can be quite a pain, especially if you’re doing so during your mix. The buzz of the crowd quickly disappears if the “story” isn’t smooth. It’s actually better to go ahead with your set than to cut the sound in the middle of your performance. Even mixing with the mouse is wiser in that scenario.

The best performances happen in the heat of the moment and this is why being able to seamlessly switch between your devices is key.



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