DJ motion is an essential part of how the DJ interacts with the public to give the set a more personal note and a warmer feeling to the party as a whole. How the DJ makes gestures and what he or she says during a set can greatly impact the connection between the audience and the DJ. Let’s start by answering a question we’ve been getting.

How can a DJ create great atmosphere when he or she has a rough day and is angry, grumpy or not feeling it? Condition yourself to clap regularly. It is a great way of bypassing this problem because you’re not only rallying your public, but also keeping your internal metronome synced and getting everyone more hyped at the same time, resulting in an all out dancing frenzy.

The DJ is the leader of the party, in the same way the president governs a country. If the president gave a boring speech, complained about the country and didn’t show any hope of a comeback, the people wouldn’t keep him in office too long. A DJ with the same hopeless attitude shouldn’t have the right to pin a bad vibe on the crowd if he or she hasn’t even tried smiling to the public and getting the party started.

Don’t look busy and avoid eye or any type of contact. Dance to the music you’re mixing, and the crowd will see you as a feel good DJ no matter the age. Have fun alongside your party people.

Love delivering drops? Then it’s a good idea to ease the crowd into it through your DJ motion. Just look at Fatboy Slim’s “IT’S GONNA DROP” movements. Any superstar DJ keeps their reputation up by using their body as a orchestra conductor to show the public that they’re really involved in creating magical moments at every party.

The DJ refusing to drop the bass shall perish in the eyes of the many.

As the moment before the drop is escalating, try raising or shaking your hands steadily, reacting simultaneously with the crowd when the drop hits. If you just look down at the DJ booth when the drop kicks in, the crowd might still be hyped enough, but why take any risks when you can show your audience that you’re having an awesome time as well?! Don’t rush to execute superstar DJ poses from the get-go of a set. Moves like “The Jesus” or “No. 1” don’t automatically bring the desired effect. Try focusing on winning over the public first before you throw any popular signature moves.

What’s your DJ motion and when do you use each move?


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