Passion is key if you want to be a successful DJ. Hell, this applies if you want to achieve any goal you set your mind to. DJing as a hobby is mad fun, but when you decide that you want to get recognized as a DJ, good track selection isn’t gonna cut it anymore. You need to be honest with yourself and focus on having the mindset you need to push through the sea of noise that’s out there. Your mind can produce distracting noise as well. This is why, like with any muscle, you need to train it.

Well-established artists concentrate on more than knowing and doing just enough. Learning just enough should be enough to get you learning and doing more, regardless of age or degree of success.

You should always try to get out of your comfort zone and embrace any challenge, especially when you feel doubt. Don’t get put off by not having gone through that experience before. You won’t know how you’ll perform under certain circumstances at different levels of pressure until you throw yourself in the firing range. DJing is an art that can take you in countless directions and, more often than not, all the techniques, ideas and DJing content that’s out there can flood our minds to the point where staying true to your goal can prove a mighty challenge.chained-1315579

Getting burned by failure doesn’t discredit your abilities. Wear each fail like a designer chain, letting yourself know that you learned your lesson. This will remind you that fire indeed burns and you’ll know not to touch it (for so long) next time.

Use your free time wisely by scheduling and focusing on certain skills each day. Meddle with music production even if you don’t know the basics of audio production. Not knowing structure, plug-ins and all the other musical intricacies will make learning all the more fun when you experiment for the first time with creating sound from scratch. The same goes for DJing; sure, watch a basic tutorial to get you started, but try spending more time experiencing for yourself.

Bring enthusiasm to each activity. Be like a dog that chases a ball. Each time, the dog shows the same level of excitement for each ball it chases after.

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