A DJ brand that projects itself as the ultimate DJ hardware/software available by employing pro DJs to endorse their products, only to show how quickly you too can become a skilled and cool DJ, is just a way of convincing its public that it needs more than they are actually going to use. So, what should an aspiring new DJ actually look after?

Get or make the music that YOU feel and love to play.

When you want to start DJ-ing download or buy only what you need to mix; DJ software and maybe, just maybe, you have a small controller laying around. Open the software, load your music, drag a track to one of the decks and press ‘play’. Whatever you’re playing, really listen to it and in your mind try to mash it up with another song that would complement the other track or that would make a great transition.

Do not let the needs and wants induced by the “ooh shiny!” factor guide you to: “I’m only gonna get dem skills if I buy this expensive/complicated DJ gear“; it will not make any difference if you are new to DJ-ing.

There are TONS of devices that you can upgrade to, but first you need to get in tune with yourself.

All music has BPM (Beats Per Minute = music’s speed/tempo) and, depending on what you play, the closer the BPM values of two songs are, the greater the chance of a well sounding mix. However, this isn’t always the case. This is why you always need to experiment by constantly finding and mixing new tracks. Also, try to improvise new approaches to your mix; if it didn’t sound great the first time, chances are you might accidentally nail it the second.

No matter what you press or move, try to execute it on beat and do it like you actually mean it.

Overthinking it and doubting yourself are the guys that will talk you into buying something you don’t need only to make yourself feel better, but ultimately you’ll find out that all you need is YOU.

Nobody sounds perfect the first time, so always practice with a smile on your face from the music you love.

Next week: lesson #2 Loading and Cueing

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