It’s pretty obvious that most of us are trying to make the transition from DJ to DJ/producer. This step may seem simple enough for a skilled musician, but what about the digital DJs, with their laptops and natively supported MIDI controllers? What about the many DJs with no real discipline in music, other than a pretty good ear for mixing and the advantage of quantized sounds at their disposal?

Most DJs don’t realize it, but they already possess the skills required to make music in our day and age.

Any DJ or producer is always preoccupied with finding the right instruments that will serve as a greater extension to their musical expression. We don’t always admit it, but, often enough, our purchases are strictly tied to what mental projection we have towards a certain brand. However, this almost always puts us in a position where we would pay more money for a popular brand simply because we won’t be bothered learning about a less known brand that could do the same things for less money. Popular DJs have no proper musical training whatsoever, but rather a strong sense of patience and determination of finishing what they started.

DJs need to understand that unless they have the determination to become a producer by finishing that first track, they’ll just be buying or getting a loan for something that might turn out to be just a big bill that didn’t amount to any production.

Without their own tracks, DJs will never be able to enter and be part of more exclusive circles in order to stand out anywhere beyond their local bar or club, unless that’s all the recognition they want to get out of DJ-ing. Being able to integrate your own songs into a DJ set is a feeling like no other so, get out of your comfort zone and as Shia LaBeouf says: JUST DO IT!

Try experimenting and creating sounds only with software first, using keyboard and mouse to learn if producing is something you really want to invest money or time (most producers use only keyboard and mouse). If I buy a pair of expensive Adidas sneakers they would generate social interest, but when it would come down to running would they help me run faster than the guy that’s simply faster than me? His sneakers cost 10$ but he runs like a pro. This is why for sometime now I’ve been downloading demos for software that have long been the underdogs of the industry.

There are loads of awesome music-making apps to choose from and many purpose-built music making tutorials for each software. DJs who want to become producers just need the patience to explore in-depth the digital solution before completely casting themselves out as a producer.

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