Even if we don’t want to be superstars or are afraid to be one, everyone dreams of what it would be like for them to be in the spotlight, in front of a massive crowd, and above all else, to rock the pants off that massive crowd. If you ask any DJ how much they want to reach superstar rank, nearly all of them will flood you with the extent of things they’d do with a international celebrity status.

DJs that deny dreaming of stardom are either doubting themselves or not taking the time to develop their DJ life with all the aspects that this entails.

But you’re not one of the DJs mentioned above. You’re doing everything in your power to practice methodically each day, you’re always practicing your routines, you’ve made a DJ name for yourself and already produced several tracks. However, you feel that for some time you’ve been stuck in a point that’s limiting your exposure. Most DJs I’ve met usually adopt a “I’m gonna develop on what I do best or like most” kind of thinking, while others lean towards hunting for an unusual side to add to their performance.mad-musician-2-1422767-1279x852

Find a balance between staying true to yourself and integrating unique “tints” to your sound, without getting tempted to exaggerate yourself… unless you truly believe in the act you’re selling, no one will buy it.

Being honest about what you can do and who you are is always best because nothing can surprise you and you’ll always be confident both when you perform and when you’re off stage, talking to fans or music reporters. This concept is accurately demonstrated and musically exemplified by KRS One’s Philosophy. Therefore, never say you’re all this and that when all the genuine effort you put into your act went into finding an amazing stage name. If, however, you’ve already done this and got lots of fans, good for you.

Regardless of your DJ life status right now, confidence is the most important building block for your personal and public life. Some are born with it, but thankfully, confidence can be learned and acquired. Start by being loud and proud!

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