Following the path of the DJ, most are faced with a multitude of choices that are in front of them. The countless directions that a DJ can take, starting from what music he or she mixes pr produces, all the way to the endless list of DJ gear that one can use to create any number of DJ performances; all of this can make DJs think that they need more than they require.


The freedom that DJs have nowadays can be paralyzing, simply because they are spoiled for choice and this can get some people stuck.

In my opinion, this is why so many “self-improvement” courses are flourishing. People simply aren’t certain about what path they’d like to take and they are willing to pay someone else to tell them or at least guide them on this blurry road. Usually, all they get is a temporary boost in confidence that is no small achievement, but which eventually diminishes and brings that person back to the same point because he or she has unconsciously conditioned themselves to rely on someone else’s diagnosis; this results in problems that aren’t actually there. When you go to a doctor you wouldn’t dare question the diagnosis; the same thing is happening to the young, impressionable or less experienced DJs.


Greedy doctor’s quote: “There’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be prolonged with an expensive operation.” – just be true to your musical self because sooner or later your true colors will show.


“Go DJ! That’s my DJ” is something I heard screamed at a concert when a DJ was bullied for playing what represented him. He gave in to the comments of 2 people and went on mixing what was apparently “hot” then; at least wait for the whole crowd to bully you…

Being persistent in the moments when your mind is telling you that you can’t carry on is key in any occupation and this healthy conditioning can see you well beyond your initial goal. Instead of listening to an artist/DJ and copying that style of music because it’s hot right now, it would be wiser to follow your own musical choices that will give you a much stronger sense in your artistic expression and this will also relate onto your fans. Sure, it’s great to go to courses that empower your DJ education, giving you a strong foundation of knowledge that you can build on. However, don’t get tempted to get on a train that’s already full; once it left the station, the first-class wagon is already full, so it’s best to develop your own trend and as long as you’re putting effort into it, people will notice.


It’s true that things take time and with hard work anyone can achieve talent, but having talent without putting work into it can often sum up to luck.

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