You’ve carefully managed your free time. You’ve been practicing each day in order to address each DJ skill and perfect yourself; there’s no greater teacher than practice. However, some of us tend to get stuck from time to time and even though there are many ways to break through these barriers, sometimes we lack the will to go on after facing an apparent dead end.

Take small steps in achieving your goals and never rush to “do it all” as quickly as possible; DJ education needs to sink in. Always remember that you don’t have to stand alone to face a great challenge.sitting-on-grass-1309209-1279x852

Sure, learning and solving everything yourself can be a great way to build your confidence and teach you self-reliance, but most people look for shortcuts to save time and there’s no shame in that. More and more workshops and seminars appear overnight and bring together all DJ types, creating a friendly space where everyone can share ideas, issues and find solutions that they probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Apart from the provided DJ education, this is also a great way to make friends with people that share the same passion as you.

There are hundreds of online DJ courses for the indoor DJs that don’t feel like leaving home. It’s cozy, I know. Remember that your friends can also be a great source of comfort and ideas for your passion.

Artists like Reggie Watts, Dub FX and many others have managed, through hard work, to become talented on their own; or perhaps they were talented and put hard work into imaginative on-the-spot music production to stay talented. The bottom line is that these two things (hard work and talent) are interdependent and no matter which one you have, it will inevitably lead to the other and create an amazing cycle of productivity that you wouldn’t have thought possible. DJ superstars and international artists are human, just like us, but they remember to ALWAYS maintain the cycle.

You’re thinking you’re not talented at all? Be a hard worker, no matter your goal, and talent will follow.

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