A DJ app should always be built on and revolve around the needs of the DJs using it. Being niche developers has taught us the importance of respecting each individual need, every time we were asked to fulfill it. We see our website as a DJ app crafting tool because you, the DJ, have the freedom of placing your mark and having a dedicated team rally to your call.

Hell have no fury like a DJ without his favorite features

future.dj is living proof of our evolution in customizing and appealing to fresh coming DJs who want to advance fast in the DJ arts, while future.dj pro is the result of our accumulated work and experience coupled with the passionate insight that we’ve received from you in nearly 20 years of activity. The latter was created from our restless desire of bringing the essence of manual DJing to the modern underground DJ who wants simplicity, but doesn’t mind having powerful automated features at the ready.

When someone wants something, they got to have it now.

However, before having it you need to believe you’re gonna have it and then say it, to yourself and then to the person that can help you get it. This is why we’d like to thank each and every one for having the courage of saying exactly what you want.

By speaking what your DJ mind wants you’ve directly contributed to the development of our DJ apps, from birth to adulthood, making them your children as much as they are ours.

When you pay for any of our apps, you automatically have the right of guiding it, as any parent would, in the direction that’s most important to you. Therefore, let your thoughts be heard and don’t hesitate when it comes to DJ app crafting, lest you disconnect from the whole experience and start from scratch as a newly forged soul would. Building together we are growing our creation from the combined experience of countless artists and audio-video engineers who perform striking spectacles that surpass the forgetfulness of mortality.

We’re proud to announce that this year will be a special one, packed with major changes and powerful additions.

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