What’s more important for any DJ? Getting your tunes sorted out quickly? Effects? Native support for your devices? An adaptable user interface or just a BIG Sync button? Of course, it all comes down to what you want to do as a DJ.

They’re all important, but if you had to choose, what would you choose over others?

If grandma started mixing, she’d probably take the Sync button. Then again, she could prove to be a total badass and show me what the oldschool can really do; and to humiliate me even further, she’d surely use vinyl.

Having so many functionalities and features in today’s DJ world is amazing; however, too much of something can become confusing.

Let’s say for a moment that God is a DJ and one day he’d punish us non-believers by taking away all our DJ toys and features, leaving us with only one functionality. What would you choose ? In the end, I think, we would much rather have the simplicity of controlling our music more than anything else. A technical DJ that uses lots of samples, effects and loads of other gizmos and parameters can be a sight to behold, if he’s really good, but, in the end…

…it’s all about the music, after all, so having quick access to all our jams and playlists would be our salvation and the only way of repenting for our DJ sins.

I made this unorthodox analogy because sometimes we get mesmerized by the wave of trendy DJ solutions, just as we get carried away with the musical tastes of others because that’s what the industry makes up as being popular. Always be yourself, even if it doesn’t mean going with the flow.

Always do your thing because it’s much better to have a handful of true fans that embrace your true self.

Mixing what the majority is playing will bring many followers, sure, but in the long run, it will make you feel hollow, unless that is the music you love, in which case, you’ll be an amazing new popular DJ. Bare in mind that the wheel spins both ways, however. Don’t get sunk into DJing underground or any other music if it isn’t what you love. This is essential…

…or is there something even more important for you as a DJ? Let us discuss this topic in more detail.

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