Why DJ when you can VJ? Mixing video has always been more fun, especially when you can send your video output to a separate screen (TV/projector). As our feedback grew we built future.dj pro to be as simple yet versatile as you, our relentless DJs, have suggested.


Mixing audio and video is all good, but if you’d rather Karaoke all night then the clip above will show how to quickly setup the app for any voice challenge.

Apart from being able to quickly move your video source to any output, we’ve taken the time to pack future.dj pro with video FX and transitions. Any video format is accepted and best of all, you can link any video (from songs, from movies or even your very own videos) to any song or karaoke file, completely changing the end result. The clip below shows how quickly you can link them.

As you’ve noticed, the video can be virtually anything and you can easily link it to any audio file that you might think of.

Video overlays are the center piece of this year’s updates simply because of the limitless variations you can do with your video output. There virtually isn’t any occasion that you couldn’t adapt your visual materials to and this extremely flexible functionality encompasses just that. This freedom to edit your videos coupled with an endless supply of music thanks to our partnership with Pulselocker’s music database guarantee that your imagination can keep on running. Take a look at the clip below. After all, you need to witness features that deal with the visual sense of your performance.


Most of our clients use MIDI controllers and this year we’ve reached 96 natively supported controllers (HERE is the full list). We understand how important it is for any DJ to have a sharp extended control over their performance.  This is why timecode vinyl is another key feature that we pride ourselves in, progress that we managed to attain through your invaluable feedback in all these years.

Harmonic mixing, advanced sampling… whatever your calling may be, we’re waiting for your sign to work together towards your goal.

BUY NOW to experience the DJ app that’s been perfected by time, crafted by hand and brought to the taste of its diehard fans around the world.

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