The New Year has started on a right foot. Many of our DJs told us about how their New Year’s Eve party turned out and for most it proved to be a much more profitable undertaking than their regular gigs. We’re glad that our New Year party guideline was useful to all.

There was, however, a different aspect that was brought to our attention… using VJ functions through a DJ controller.

Now, of course, you can map most video functions by using the Learn feature and in 2018 we’re looking to greatly develop on the video functions you can incorporate, from video overlaying to video sampling and much more. The issue is present and neglected by other DJ app developers or maybe most of their DJs aren’t interested in this. The fact is that nearly all of the over 100 controllers pro supports with names from Pioneer, Numark, Vestax, Denon, Hercules, Reloop and more don’t have dedicated buttons, knobs and faders for video commands or features.

DJs that use controllers didn’t signal these companies in great numbers for dedicated VJ functions, so most that have started on the path as VJs would need a sense of mapping javascript or purchasing a niche VJ-ing controller.

However, the whole point of MIDI is that no matter what device you own, you should have countless combinations that you can fine tune into a setup that’s like second nature to you and with your help this is one of the many things we wish to innovate on this year. DJs and VJs alike should have a trusted ally in their controller of choice and this should come as a fun way to always experiment with what you can add to your performance.

So over to you: How would you like to have VJ-ing incorporated in your controller and what video features would you find most useful?



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