Map well your MIDI you wish, hrm?! (image)

Stop worrying about having bought the wrong piece of DJ gear. You just need to become a DJ teacher and turn your equipment into an obedient padawan that is coming forth with solutions each time you, the mentor, need them. I’m speaking, of course, about instantly being able to customize all the buttons, knobs and faders that you want to use with a different purpose than intended by the manufacturer.

This applies in whatever you do in life. Getting a car, a house, a piece of clothing? You’re sure to make it your own somehow sometime…

You equip your car with options, set your driving position and check your fuel level before setting off on a long trip. In the same way you select the DJ gear you need or fancy, set your cue-points just like waypoints on your GPS and check your track levels along your set. However, the gear that you have may not cover certain functions that you didn’t know you wanted before making the purchase. I know… shiny things are shiny, but thankfully you don’t need to change or sell your MIDI/HID device if you wouldn’t actually want to part with your eye-candy. pro’s Learn function brings out the DJ teacher you never knew you had inside you. Merely press on the Learn button to start personalizing your device; click the button in pro that you want to assign to a button on your device, then simply click the Learn button again to save your customization. The same goes if you wish to edit a certain knob or fader functionality to your DJ controller. Powerful features are effective when simple to use, which is why this is a great way of quickly customizing DJ gear that you may not be as familiar with. Cherish the Learn function and it shall turn you into a veritable master Yoda or maybe into a Sith lord with unliMIDId poweeer.

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