Whenever we get an amazing idea we think that the sheer wow factor of the idea will be enough for any DJ mind to hold and preserve the thought in a perfect, unaltered state. So certain are some DJs of their ability to fully replicate an idea they had days ago, that postponing the actual execution can make them lose it altogether.

It’s true that most brilliant ideas and actions happen in the heat of the moment when confidence and instinct mate in a burst of inspiration.

Only God knows how many great songs, revolutionary concepts and world changing ideas have been lost to time because of failing to write something down and then following up on the actual act. This is why it’s crucial, as a DJ at least, to add tags and comments to each of the songs that make up an entire set or simply because you had an idea about using a track in an unexpected way.

This may very well be the most useful feature in a DJ’s arsenal. All of the advanced features will amount to nothing if the DJ constantly forgets to write down his or her ideas.

In future.dj and its pro counterpart you can do so by right-clicking on any track in any list and then left-clicking “Edit file info”. The window that will spawn enables you to change any details about the track, including to add your very own comments; some DJs like to add lore comments, explaining when and why they used a certain mix between two tracks and how it turned out for them.


The key isn’t to flood your playlists with comments to each song, but rather to retain the genius essence of the idea that made you have your sound eureka.

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