People can face their biggest trial in reaching out towards a passion they didn’t know they had. Some may argue that there’s a certain age for certain things, but when starting to learn how to DJ there is never a moment when you’re either too young or too old. As long as you enjoy or think you will enjoy mixing your favorite tracks, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed by the sheer creative potential and excitement of DJing.

Starting early is best only if you’re strongly considering making a significant step towards becomingdoor-1185707 a well-established DJ. All that is needed is to step through the musical door.

While starting as a young DJ is great, it can have some short term disadvantages. Even growing fast as a unique DJ from the age of 14 and having lots of young followers may still prove very difficult to get you access in most clubs. DJs under the age of 18 always encounter issues with getting gigs in big clubs. Friends have told me that they’ve seen smaller clubs allow underage DJs that mixed awesome sets.

None of us were created with an inherent potential starting from a particular age. Practice with no fear and you’ll notice yourself surprising yourself.

By thinking on a longer term, young Djs can focus on using the extra time to wisely improve on their skills. While they’re growing their DJ skills, they’re also getting new followers and growing the fanbase. By the time they’ll be 18 most of their fans will also be turning 18 and everyone will be able to follow their favorite DJ to the club. DJs who start mixing at an older age can be limited only by their stamina, but a life full of experiences can often lead to a manifestation of passion.

What you need when you learn how to DJ, no matter your age, is to have the patience to take the steps that get you to each checkpoint of your goal. Here is a close-up of what young and old (school) DJs can achieve.

Nowadays, the easy availability of DJ gear and software is so big that it’s possible for anyone to progress in any (DJ) direction. This makes it convenient to tap into turntablism, controllerism or any modular setup that compliments your DJ skills. With pro you can DJ anywhere, anytime and in any way.

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