What better way to start this year’s spring by dedicating this post to all of our DJs that follow us constantly. Thank you for all your emails and messages that helped us create the Top 10 articles appreciated by you. Celebrating 100 DJ posts also comes a heads up of the soon to be released major version of future.dj pro that will house a new adaptive Sync system. For now, here’s your Top 10:

No. 10
How DJs Avoid Redlining Mixes

No. 9
Too Young or Too Old to DJ

No. 8 (video)
How to Link Videos to Audio

No. 7
DJing: Be Obsessed or Be Ordinary

DJ Teachers Are The Yoda of MIDI

No. 5
Small vs. Big MIDI Controllers

No. 4 (video)
How to Extend Video to External Display

Having gone through all the subjects suggested by you we took notice that most would be interested in article that give you the knowledge to be unique while at the same time favoring topics that develop on the advanced features to get you that level of uniqueness. On the other hand, more than 20% of our subscribers have pointed out that simple DJ tips can just as well be the heart of our official blog, like DJ Mind Wisdom Seed. We greatly appreciate all of the precious feedback you’ve given us so far and we leave you with the 3 top articles:

No. 3
DJ Motion Brings Emotion

No. 2 (video)
Creating Video Overlays

No. 1
DJ Complexity is Unique Simplicity

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