Last week we spoke about order, so it’s only natural that this week chaos comes into play and we establish whether DJs are prone to take a leap of faith . After all, there is a certain order in chaos as well. Chaos leads most people to think of uncertainty, but…

…rare is a DJ career without clueless moments about what might be the next best song or the next best move.

Sometimes a DJ needs to randomize his musical choices for the same reason that most people decide to make a sudden change in their appearance, in their activities… just for the sake of not giving in to a not so exciting routine. A DJ routine is special and can be repeated if the DJ has actually put some effort into it, but remember that interaction needs to exist between any DJ and his or her audience. This can lead to moments when emotion perceived from the crowd will influence the DJ’s decision over the track choice and, more often than not, this proves that on-the-fly decisions are wiser.


Spontaneous demonstrations of originality by being open to sudden instinctual changes to the DJ set can bring new followers and in pro you just need to press the Shuffle button… preferably in a random way 🙂

Relying only on being random won’t be enough to get anyone to DJ stardom but think of it more as a way of having an alternate strategy lined up, in case the obvious and planned bits are doing more damage than good. A DJ must be prepared for all scenarios and learn to take a leap of faith coupled with getting a feel for the crowd, in order to understand right there and then or for future reference what the DJ set is lacking or having too much of.

Shuffling tracks more than you’d like to admit? Maybe it’s time you pressed the Sort button and empowered your set and yourself as a DJ.

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