Ever since you mash up your first pair of tracks, you’re unknowingly laying down the musical road of your DJ career. DJs are the most versatile of artists simply because of the open mindset they have towards music.

DJs can be found mixing sets everywhere, from the most ordinary locations to the outright “I had no idea we could party here” venue.

Whatever one’s calling as a DJ may be, there’s a certain degree of musical mining that one needs to do before being able to jump from the ranks of the hobbyist DJ. The tunnel that results is an endless stretch of genres and what you choose to play can bring you favor with some or with most… in the same way that the following image might prove appealing to some, hilarious to others and distasteful for another group. It’s actually more about being confident with the choice you make and learning to accept the praise and the hate at the same time.


Your favored music style is your bread and butter, so make sure you don’t hate yourself for the choices you make at any gig.

Being happy with what you do will give you the confidence to stay on top of your game by having the wisdom to keep your mind updated with the very latest. Regardless if you’re a producer or not, researching DJs who share your musical preference is key in knowing what your targeted audience finds hot. DJs are neglecting themselves if they neglect what their public loves, so be original, but don’t be deaf on purpose, lest your crowd becomes blind to you.

Your mind will keep on running if you won’t tell it when to stop… so, make sure you make it stop at what you love.

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