DJ safety isn’t an aspect that’s being taken seriously. From small parties to bigger venues, most performing artists are so absorbed by making sure people are having a great time that they completely ignore the risks that can sometimes take place.  Even with all the accidents happening, these situations still seem very remote to most DJs that usually think: “That won’t happen to me.”

There’s nothing cool about a DJ asking the club owner about the evacuation procedure, but this article is about taking the precautions so that something tragic doesn’t have the slightest chance of happening.

As a DJ you have a lot of control over the room and the people in that room. That’s the DJ’s job. To control the room and, therefore, you have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to safety. Horrific tragedies or mass shootings aren’t the only scenarios you have to worry and prepare for. People get violent at parties all the time and accidents can start from the smallest thing. A fire, a flood and any danger that poses a threat to our customers, that we are there to entertain, is something to always have in mind.

Venue owners need to understand the great power that DJs have in moments when the right word or gesture can make the difference between a safe evacuation and people stomping on each other to get out.concert-1189401

This is why club owners need to talk with the artists about what their role is when things might turn the wrong way. DJ safety primarily ensures that proper communication exists between DJ and staff.  The DJ and the club staff need to have a coded message that the DJ can quickly say over the mic, letting the right people know that the situation dictates an evacuation. The microphone can be a magnificent tool, but not knowing what to say can prove to be a catastrophic mistake that can stir the crowd in unnecessary panic.

DJs are NEVER present at a club’s fire drill, so if the owner is ignorant take matters into your own hands.

Find out where the fire extinguishers are. If there isn’t one in your DJ booth, have the organizers provide you with one. Ask the owner how you’re going to communicate with the staff and what you should do if an incident occurs. Try to avoid having a fire show or fireworks in a cramped space or any indoor venue, no matter how risk free the pyro-technician says it is; lights and smoke do the trick. Taking these DJ safety steps doesn’t take much time and it will remove any concern from your mind and keep you prepared if it does happen.

If the event demands fireworks indoors, make sure the materials in the range of the fire show are fireproofed, especially the soundproofing foam that usually covers the pillars and/or roof of the club.colectiv3

Let’s stay safe and have a great time!


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