There comes a time when what DJs say becomes important because each of us, as DJs, have more or less chiselled away at our DJ self, adopting certain behaviors in a multitude of situations. The habit of getting into a habit of doing things in a certain way means that more often than not we tend to stick to that way of thinking… quite frankly for ever. That’s why it’s quite productive for you and those attending your event that you condition yourself from time to time to notice the things you do.

Here is what DJs say and how to step away from getting these things as habits:

  1. I’m the DJ! I’m not in charge of safety!
    It’s true that most DJs have a host of people making sure that everything from A to Z is in tip top shape. However, having power over the sound gives you power over the people in that room. Therefore, if there is an unfortunate event of a fire, flood, an earthquake or anything of the sort, a lot of boys and girls will be thanking for having said useful information. This is why it’s best to consult the venue manager or at least the security to know exactly what you can say to calmly guide the public to the nearest exit(s).

    Saying “There’s a fire! RUN!” won’t be sensible, so get involved in DJ safety.

  2. I’m sure the venue owners paid for all the audio licensing!”
    Got your own songs that you’re mixing? Ignore this then. If not, this is something that DJs tend to forget about, especially if they play once or twice a month in a bigger venue. It literally pays if you’re not considering this one. The fines can range from $150 all the way to full on lawsuits with God knows how much in copyright infringement. If you’re a resident DJ then you’ve already addressed this issue with your employer. However, if it’s the first time you’re playing there make sure you bring this up with the venue manager so that you know you have a regulated commercial license to mix your set.

    Want to be fully licensed anywhere, anytime? Pulselocker is fully integrated in pro. Just watch.

  3. This new piece of DJ gear will make all the difference.”
    Something that I’ve been fooling myself with for quite some time. The gear can give you wild advantage, it’s true, but only to the extent that you’re actually implementing the new tools within your set or your music production. Just expecting gear upgrades to give you skill upgrades is far from the truth and will only level up the amount of LEDs and displays your DJ setup has. Fortunately for the audience, you do have to use sound creatively, so just buying the gear is 10 – 20% of the battle. Engaging the public is key, as no one cares what gear you actually use to blow their minds. In other words, the gear can only be as good as you make it.

What DJs say can turn into many things but the point is that once we learn to do or say something in one way, we have the tendency to stick to that, so what are some of the things that you keep telling yourself as a DJ or music producer?

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