The song order in which a DJ set flows is just like the lyrics of a voice singer and the notes of an instrument. When the singer misses a tone or forgets the words, that can’t make him or her look too professional to the fans. The same treatment can happen to the DJ who neglects organizing his playlists and overlooks an adequate DJ musical flow.

A friend’s party shouldn’t make any DJ worry about the consequences of not having decided on the best song order. Focus heavily on this when realizing that you want to make DJing your sugar daddy.

Use playlists to your advantage when faced with parties that have different themes and crowds that range in size and tastes. The more time you’ll take to do this simplest but most crucial of aspects that make up the wholeness of a DJ’s performance. In pro rearranging the tracks is simply done with the up and down arrows.


Select multiple tracks by holding down shift and moving the keyboard up and down arrows. Use the mouse to drag and drop any song or multiple songs in any group of playlists.


This can be of even greater importance if you’re relying on the Automix feature. The Automix system will only be as great as the playlist you give it to mix and the way you fine tune each Automix parameter. Therefore, the best DJ musical flow can correctly start being achieved through a good song order and this goes double when it comes to relying only on an automated function.

A lot of tinkering would be needed for an Automix between a heavy metal and a pop song to sound awesome… it’s best if you mix such unexpected choices yourself because you’ll always be the greater judge of how to make it sound right.

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