Around the world, a DJ party can take many shapes and shape in many places. There is a wide variety of parties, from big festivals to parties that happen around certain holidays; many themes and occasions exist throughout each country with its distinct cultures and traditions. Most DJs, however, rarely take long-term party scheduling into consideration and even fewer take the time to study each country’s musical culture, especially the well-established international DJs.

David Guetta will play the same type of music, whether it’s New York, a slum in Zimbabwe or a polar party in Antarctica.

It’s important to take into account the significance of each event that you’re mixing at because this way you’ll know how to value yourself and your work. Mixing for an entire night at an up-class restaurant for a happily married couple requires a lot more planning than a 2 hour appearance at some flat for some guy’s birthday. This might not be you. Maybe you’re the DJ who created his brand around a certain style of music and won’t go near any wide-spread or conservative social happenings. You have a niche public that shows up to groove to your performance. They already know what you’ll play and this is what they want.

It’s like you have your own light (let’s say it’s green) and the people know what to expect. Try adding a new shade of light to your primary color and you might find yourself attracting a new public, without scaring away the old one.into-the-light-1473838

Being prepared is your indirect business card that says that you didn’t just come with a set that sounds like you played it at another DJ party and plan on using it for the next one as well. Making the experience personalized or at least giving the impression that the audio has been hand-picked for this party will project an unconscious thought in the host’s mind that you did take your time to plan the performance and didn’t just take a swing at it.

Thinking in advance and putting a little work into your Halloween playlist may come in handy when someone actually calls and pays you to entertain for the ghoulish occasion. pro lets you create as many playlists as you want, so use your free time wisely by creating one for each kind of event you might see yourself at.

Make sure you spread emotion through your musical expression, eye contact and smile. A good DJ leads the party to happiness through the motion and emotion that he’s sending out; just playing or mixing isn’t gonna cut it.

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