There’s no greater tool in a DJ’s arsenal when it comes to preparing an ambush for an unsuspecting public. DJ headphones have long been the best way to ensure that your practiced or on the spot choices reflect your confidence over your performance and your audience’s emotional weakness for naturally triggered sound. If you want to “cross the road” to DJing as a career, not using headphones poses the same risk as jaywalking, rather than using a crossing.

When a DJ lines up the next track or decides to improvise an awesome mash-up, there is a certain risk involved with introducing new sound or peddling unpracticed feats of sound.

Monitoring your set is proof to everyone that you respect your musical trade. Mixing flawlessly without DJ headphones commands respect as well, but we need to understand that such ability comes with much practice. In pro you can quickly connect headphones to separate or same audio device and get started into trapping your musically attracted “prey”. The care you take for the manner in which you package the atmosphere of the party, our main job description after all, is the bait that will set the ambush of feelings. Be sure to read your audience’s signals as this can confirm much more the wisdom of your choices and don’t fall in the trap of staring exclusively at your screen.

DJs are the hunters, the dancefloor being the hunting ground,  the tracks being the ammunition, the gun being how they “shoot” the sound at the public and the DJ headphones standing for the scope of their gun, ensuring a much better target accuracy.

In essence, as dedicated DJs, we are trapping our prey in a funnel of mesmerizing sounds, the difference between a good and a bad execution being that one crowd is hypnotized into pleasurable submission while the other crowd feels its senses being attacked. The latter can happen from any number of reasons: bad sound quality, inappropriate track selection, carelessness or even too much caring because the DJ isn’t monitoring what’s next. Whatever it may be, relying on DJ headphones can make up to 50% of your path to success.

A DJ that doesn’t supervise his sound at some point is like a weatherman without the forecast: paranoid.


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