One can quickly become a wearer of many hats when choosing to be a full-time DJ. Having a musical ear and learning to beat-match just about anything is not everything if you don’t have the prime material, the ammunition to your musical gun. This is why one of the most important aspects is music digging.

The original “crate-diggers” know the importance and also the enormous time used for finding those hidden high quality sound gems.

Even if you do find tracks quickly, the time that you would need to allocate just to consider creating a well sorted playlist is just as much if not more than the time needed for music digging. Having a big collection of music is great but it means that you’ll have even more genres, keys and BPMs to go through. We made any DJ’s dream come true by building one of the most advanced search systems right into the very latest pro.

Harmonic mixing can be quite time-consuming, especially when not knowing what tracks key sync with music you really want to mix.

Statistically, the quicker you find or obtain what you want the more satisfaction you can have. With our clients, they want to find any song they need from their playlist NOW. By using the search bar and writing “k” followed by the number of the key, you can find all songs in that same key. pro has both the old musical notes annotations as well as a simple number system in which the track with key no. 4, for e.g., is compatible with songs in the keys 3, 4 and 5. If faced with a “4m” key you are dealing with a minor note that is harmonically compatible with the same number.

Therefore, writing in the search “k4 b128” is telling pro “Isolate all the tracks sung in the 4th major key that have 128 BPM”. Any song’s key can be modified in order to respect the simple “one number up or down” harmonic sync.

DJs also want to find right NOW any song and this is why the powerful Pulselocker database is fully integrated into the interface giving you access to millions of tracks instantly. The beauty of Pulselocker is that you can import new songs you find directly to your playlist, bringing online streaming to offline parties. Here’s how:

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