No DJ has ever managed to meet the musical expectations of each individual at a party, unless there’s just 20 people and all of them are the DJ’s friends. pro gives DJs the advanced tools and features, but you’ll always need to interact with the public in order to mix a great set. Therefore,  great DJs satisfy by following a wise first step in successfully handling the public: segment the crowd by gender and genre. Having in mind the wellbeing of the dancefloor by comunicating with your audience has always been crucial, but even more so when it comes to tending to the feminine side of your audience.

Girls dancing is a healthy sign that the DJ is choosing the right songs.

Winning over women’s approval is half the battle won for any DJ because getting them to feel good simply through the sounds of your mix will also get the men feeling good. In 9 out of 10 cases, men will start dancing immediately if the women are having a great time. Boys or full-fledged men, as party-going beings, wish to hook-up or, at the very least, be surrounded by exciting people or situations so…

…DJs don’t have to worry about men feeling the music. If you make the girls dance, any man will join in at a certain point.

On top of that, girls usually send out their feedback by cheering, letting you know that you’re going in the right direction. Men have their own signs that they send towards the DJ, but men become more interested in how good women feel at the party. Pretty straightforward: women send positive feedback and men point out the negative. Sometimes, negative feedback isn’t just booing. It can take the form of DJ requests. Knowing how to handle these situations can put a DJ on top or leave him in the dirt for the rest of the night

When it comes to track selection, respect the telltale signs that women show through the way they move. Pay attention to their entire body language and even less obvious mixing solutions will present themselves.


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